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Singapore skyline sullied by nudity

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 31, 2008

The hotel receives frequent requests from local and international media to conduct media shoots within its premises either for print or broadcast purposes.

And all requests are stringently screened to ensure that whatever is approved is in line with its corporate and branding guidelines.

In this case, the nature and means of the publicity do not fall within its acceptable standards, said the hotel.

Added Ms Lim: ‘Nonetheless, we do not wish to deny the fact that activities happening within the confines of guests’ rooms and suites synonymous with any hotels is something that we do not have control of.

‘It is very possible that guests may take photos within our rooms, without our knowledge and clearance.

‘They may easily make it appear as if it is an officially endorsed photo shoot by giving a location credit. This can especially be true if the publication is of foreign origin as tracking of such media impression is difficult.’ (link)



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Tough times have people looking for part time jobs

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 29, 2008

The economy has forced many to watch their spending and tighten their belts. Despite having good jobs many are looking for part time employment for a bit of extra income. The next time you’re out at a club enjoying the sultry dances of a go go girl you might take a closer look … at her face that is. Many women are working regular 9 – 5 jobs and in the evenings earning a few extra dollars dancing at clubs. Perhaps she’s your yoga teacher or maybe a housing agent. There’s no doubt that people are looking for alternative options for extra income.

Hiring is expected to freeze and some companies (approx. 10%) are expected to cut jobs. Even the construction industry (traditionally strong growth) is expected to slow significantly. Some industries may weather the storm such as tourism and health care.

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Singapore Expo 2008 (SITEX) Nov. 27 – 30

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 28, 2008

I know it’s a bit early but I can’t help if I’m a gadget geek. It looks like there will be plenty of exhibitors this year. All of the tech magazines will be covering the event (CNet, PC Magazine, T3, Stuff, and more). What’s on tap? Phones, cameras, laptops, green technology, WiFi, plus new stuff in development. It will be a great chance to look and see (and possibly touch) a bunch of cool gear, free prizes (CBL Data Recovery). Plus there might be a few booth hotties there too. Best part: free admission. FREE. There’s no excuse not to go. If you have a few hours to kill on that weekend go check it out. For more info check out the site (Sitex 2008).

Looks like the show will have something for the ladies. Prizes, stylish bags, and tech for the ladies in the know. I’m guessing giving away a pink Western Digital hard drive and pink iPod nao doesn’t hurt either. Ladies.

A few new booths have been added. If you’re an extreme sport enthusiast perhaps adding a helmet mounted camera will help you document your adventures? Or perhaps fitness gadgets to monitor your workouts? Checkout the new sports link.

Hotties! I think white is my new favorite color. Skimpy white outfits and tall white boots! *grin There’s no better excuse to ask dumb questions to pretty girls giving out flyers. Plus you can take their picture without getting arrested!

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Maxim magazine is no more

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 25, 2008

It’s sad to hear that one of my favorite magazines is ceasing publication. Every so often it would be nice to pick up Maxim and flip the pages oggling hot women. However for the truly hardcore it’s no surprise the readership has fallen over time. It’s no secret what they’re trying to sell. Unfortunately the Internet already gives it away and with a bit of searching you can find it for free. Why buy a magazine when you can find much more risque content on the Internet for free. Just a sign of the times. A slow transition from print to electronic media.

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Software piracy a big problem?

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 21, 2008

Selling pirated software can be big business as well as big penalties. The most common titles are from Microsoft, Office, Windows. I’m sure you’ve spotted a few shop in Sim Lim Square selling illegal copies. Maybe you’ve even purchased a few. Microsoft is a big company, they can afford it right? Is software piracy a bigger problem than we think?

Billions of dollars in revenue are lost due to software piracy every year. File sharing web sites like bit torrent allow for users around the world to benefit from illegal software. The copyright issue spans across the globe and industries.

Despite large corporations efforts to eliminate piracy, hackers always seem to find a way around copy protection. Often new methods of copyright protection is cracked within a matter of hours. However savvy consumers have reported such shops. Often if the deal looks too good to be true then there must be a catch. Remember that money for a legit copy goes towards the development of new features and updates. If you like the software buy it, the real one, not the fake.

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