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No Hidden Cam for Edison

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 2, 2009

After a long period of silence Edison has spoken up over the sex photo scandal. Looks like those lovely ladies knew exactly what they were getting into. He must be one smooth operator to get them to go along with getting photographed in compromising positions. Edison Chen reiterated that the photos were consensual and nothing deceptive occurred during his naked photo sessions. The new information came out during a CNN Talk Asia interview he gave recently.

“A Hong Kong computer technician was last month jailed for eight-and-a-half months for stealing the photos from Chen’s laptop when he sent it in for repairs, but it is still unclear how the pictures made their way onto the Internet.”


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Edison Chen refuses to testify

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 24, 2009

This is still dragging on? Ho Chun Sze (China) was charged once the scandal broke for illegally accessing Chen’s computer with the intent to distribute. Edison Chen is refusing to testify to protect the women already affected by the scandal. The judge in British Columbia, Canada raised the issue and pressed Chen for his reasoning. No legal threats or punishments were used to coerce Chen into testifying however its still within the judge’s power to charge Chen with contempt.

“Police say the images were illegally copied from the 28-year-old star’s computer.

Chen testified that after he saw the pictures circulating on the Internet with file names that matched those on his computer, he concluded the pictures were stolen. He originally thought the photos were taken from a stolen computer but then came to believe they were illegally downloaded while his computers were being serviced at a Hong Kong computer store.” (link)

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Nicholas and Edison still friends

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 13, 2008

Nicholas Tse took the high road recently and said that he and Edison Chen are still friends. They have been friends for over 13 years and must have developed quite a strong bond. Despite the sex photo scandal (his wife Cecilia Cheung) Nicholas showed that he is indeed the better man. A display of true friendship or just acting for the publicity?

I think it would be hard enough to stay friends knowing that your “friend” had sex with your wife in the past. And on top of that had taken pictures and movies of the sex and up close pics of oral sex. AND even on top of that having the entire world know about it and having already seen the photos and movies. I certainly could not do it. I mean that’s pretty disgusting when you think of it. Every time you kissed your wife, knowing that your best friend’s dick had been in there. That’s like you just sucked his dick! That thought alone should be enough to make you sick. I don’t know how they stay friend or even how he looks his wife in the eyes. I guess in the movie biz you live in an altered reality.

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Cecilia Cheung and singer Gillian Chung to make comeback

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 31, 2008

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung and singer Gillian Chung are trying to make a comeback after having been involved in a sex photo scandal that rocked Hong Kong show business early this year.

Sin Chew Daily reported that advertisements featuring both of them appeared on prime time television in China recently.

Commercials and movies starring Cheung and Chung were almost completely dropped from the screen after hundreds of photos – believed to be those of Hong Kong actor Edison Chen with a string of Hong Kong starlets including Chueng, Chung and former actress Bobo Chan – were found circulating on the Internet.

According to certain websites, some people supported Cheung and Chung returning to show business as the incident had happened a long time ago. (story)

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Edison has found religion

Posted by jtsmyth8 on May 7, 2008

Found religion huh? I can imagine it now.
Um, yeah, he found “religion” but not in the way you think.

“Edison Chen, the bad boy of the recent sex photo scandal, prayed every day after the scandal broke out but he did not become a Christian because of it.

Recent reports had said that Chen, who quit Hong Kong showbiz and went to the United States just before the scandal blew over, had adopted Christianity in repentance over the scandal. He was said to have befriended a Californian pastor.

But his elder sister Tricia, a singer, said Chen had converted when he attended a Christian school in his youth.” (story)

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