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Government lowers contractual age to 18

Posted by jtsmyth8 on August 25, 2008

As part of broader efforts to encourage entrepreunership among young Singaporeans, the Government has proposed lowering the age of contractual capacity from 21 years to 18.

The current minimum age of contractual capacity is tied to the age of majority, which is 21 years in Singapore.

This legal barrier has prevented young people from starting or doing their own business.

The Pro-Enterprise Panel has received feedback for this to be removed. (story)


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China launching cyber attacks against India

Posted by jtsmyth8 on May 5, 2008

China’s cyber warfare army is marching on, and India is suffering silently. Over the past one and a half years, officials said, China has mounted almost daily attacks on Indian computer networks, both government and private, showing its intent and capability.

The sustained assault almost coincides with the history of the present political disquiet between the two countries.

According to senior government officials, these attacks are not isolated incidents of something so generic or basic as “hacking” — they are far more sophisticated and complete — and there is a method behind the madness.

Publicly, senior government officials, when questioned, take refuge under the argument that “hacking” is a routine activity and happens from many areas around the world. But privately, they acknowledge that the cyber warfare threat from China is more real than from other countries. (story)

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IOC to China, open up the Internet for us

Posted by jtsmyth8 on April 2, 2008

Internet censorship is practically synonymous with China these days. The Chinese government is often used as the poster child for restrictive governments that restrict the free flow of information to its residents. That could be why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is getting antsy, as Beijing is bound by contract as this year’s Olympic host city to allow the press to report as usual during the games. And reporting as usual means unrestricted Internet access.

The IOC “discussed and insisted” with the Chinese government again this morning that the Internet is required to be “open at all times during Games time,” IOC coordination commission vice chairman Kevan Gosper told Reuters. “There was some criticism that the Internet closed down during events relating to Tibet in previous weeks, but this is not Games time.” (story)

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Singapore supports China during Tibet unrest

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 26, 2008

No surprise here. Singapore has much to lose if they upset one of their biggest trading partners. The economic impact would be devastating if China took action. Thus Singapore has no choice but to support China on this topic.

“Singapore on Tuesday voiced support for China’s handling of unrest in Tibet and said there should be no ‘politicisation’ of the Olympic Games hosted by Beijing in August. ‘Singapore supports the declared policy of the Chinese government to protect the lives and property of its citizens from violent demonstrators with minimum use of force,’ a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.” (story)

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Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 20, 2008

China’s top Internet search engine has been censured for allegedly helping spread sexually explicit photos. The government-sponsored watchdog group is demanding both action and an apology from over the online availability of the photos, which feature several Hong Kong celebrities.

The photos appear to show actor Edison Chen and several female stars performing sex acts or in sexually suggestive poses.

They are widely available in Hong Kong, where the scandal has dominated the headlines for several weeks.

The watchdog group, called the Beijing Association of Online Media, praised other Chinese sites such as, and for urging their users not to spread the photos. (story)

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