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Singapore Expo 2008 (SITEX) Nov. 27 – 30

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 28, 2008

I know it’s a bit early but I can’t help if I’m a gadget geek. It looks like there will be plenty of exhibitors this year. All of the tech magazines will be covering the event (CNet, PC Magazine, T3, Stuff, and more). What’s on tap? Phones, cameras, laptops, green technology, WiFi, plus new stuff in development. It will be a great chance to look and see (and possibly touch) a bunch of cool gear, free prizes (CBL Data Recovery). Plus there might be a few booth hotties there too. Best part: free admission. FREE. There’s no excuse not to go. If you have a few hours to kill on that weekend go check it out. For more info check out the site (Sitex 2008).

Looks like the show will have something for the ladies. Prizes, stylish bags, and tech for the ladies in the know. I’m guessing giving away a pink Western Digital hard drive and pink iPod nao doesn’t hurt either. Ladies.

A few new booths have been added. If you’re an extreme sport enthusiast perhaps adding a helmet mounted camera will help you document your adventures? Or perhaps fitness gadgets to monitor your workouts? Checkout the new sports link.

Hotties! I think white is my new favorite color. Skimpy white outfits and tall white boots! *grin There’s no better excuse to ask dumb questions to pretty girls giving out flyers. Plus you can take their picture without getting arrested!


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New camera to help police catch auto thieves

Posted by jtsmyth8 on May 5, 2008

The police may soon have a gadget that can quickly detect blacklisted vehicles – like stolen cars or those used in crime getaways.

The technical trial was completed last week on the Mobile Automated Vehicle Screening System (MAVSS), which comprises a car-mounted camera and a laptop computer.

The camera, which sits on the roof of police patrol cars, can scan up to six licence plates of parked or moving vehicles every second and feed the scans into a laptop in the police car. The scans are then compared against a database of stolen or wanted vehicles for matches.

The system, customised from a similar one in use by European crime enforcement agencies, does away with manual screening.

The police said it is not certain when the system will be introduced here. (story)

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