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Something Good out of Japan

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 8, 2009

Finally something good out of Japan, -er, that isn’t robot related. Lawmakers have come to their senses and have decided to ban rape games. Hooray! Personally I’m quite disgusted by this whole genre. I have no idea how this entire segment has existed for a few decades. It really is quite a sick fetish even by the most depraved standards. Anime is fine and all but some have just taken it too far. It’s all a result of a protest to a certain game by a women’s rights group brought attention to it.

“The adult software games industry had sales of 34.1 billion yen ($353 million) in 2007, according to Yano Research Institute’s Otaku Market report. Japan’s PC software sales were 80 billion yen in 2007.”


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Japan experiencing daily knife attacks

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 31, 2008

A man was stabbed and seriously injured at a suburban office north of Tokyo on Wednesday, police said, in the latest in an almost daily series of such attacks that have unnerved the relatively crime-free country.

A 51-year-old unemployed man was arrested on the spot in Niiza, about 30 km north of Tokyo, a police spokesman said.

On Monday, a woman stabbed and hurt six people at a station in Hiratsuka, south-west of Tokyo, in what domestic media said was a random attack carried out out in rage after a failed suicide. (story)

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Suicide by detergent

Posted by jtsmyth8 on April 24, 2008

A 14-year-old Japanese girl killed herself by mixing laundry detergent with cleanser, releasing fumes that also sickened 90 people in her apartment house.

Authorities say none of the sickened neighbours in Konan, southern Japan, were severely ill, although about 10 were hospitalized.

The deadly hydrogen sulfide gas escaped from the girl’s bathroom window and entered neighbouring apartments.

The girl’s suicide Wednesday night was part of an expanding string of similar deaths that experts say have been encouraged by Internet suicide sites. (story)

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Japanese male hosts not such a glamorous life

Posted by jtsmyth8 on April 16, 2008

At first it sounds glamorous to be a male gigolo but then when you hear the stories, it’s not great. It not about just having sex. You have to cater to the woman’s needs, which is often intellectual, listening to her talk and talk and talk. Only the really old and ugly women want to just have sex. Is there a market for rich attractive women who want to have sex with regular guys and pay them money? Cuddling is extra, and so is small talk.

“According to a CNN report last week, a growing number of professional women in Japan are splashing out US$1,000 ($1,360) to US$50,000 a night for the companionship of these male equivalents of the geisha.

The money buys them the undivided attention of their male hosts, who shower them with compliments, pour them ridiculously overpriced drinks, and engage them in mindless chit chat to help them forget the stresses of their regular lives.” (story)

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Singapore ranked at the bottom of corruption survey, that’s good.

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 12, 2008

The Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (Perc) expects corruption to emerge as a hot-button issue in Asia this year as slowing growth, rising food prices and political campaigns feed a groundswell against graft.

But Singapore is unlikely to be tainted as expatriates surveyed by the Hong Kong-based group once again rank it the least corrupt economy in the region.

The annual survey also rated Hong Kong and Japan highly among 13 Asian economies.

The Philippines was deemed the most corrupt for the second consecutive year.

Thailand, China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam fared poorly too.

The 1,400 expatriates surveyed in January and February this year were asked to grade the extent that corruption detracts from the attractiveness of the business environment they work in.

Singapore scored with its ‘no-nonsense approach to corruption’, the report said. (story)

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