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Singaporeans regretting life path

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 31, 2008

A global recruitment company has found that more than half of workers in Singapore regret what they chose to study back in school, polytechnic or university.

One in three is also uncertain about their ultimate career choice, according to an online survey by Kelly Services. It was released on Wednesday.

The findings are distilled from the answers given by more than 2,000 people who had sought Kelly Services help to land a job. They form part of it global survey of 115,000 people by its offices in 33 countries.

People of all age groups, educational levels and professions took part and in Singapore, most were in business, engineering, financial services and information technology. (story)


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Japan experiencing daily knife attacks

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 31, 2008

A man was stabbed and seriously injured at a suburban office north of Tokyo on Wednesday, police said, in the latest in an almost daily series of such attacks that have unnerved the relatively crime-free country.

A 51-year-old unemployed man was arrested on the spot in Niiza, about 30 km north of Tokyo, a police spokesman said.

On Monday, a woman stabbed and hurt six people at a station in Hiratsuka, south-west of Tokyo, in what domestic media said was a random attack carried out out in rage after a failed suicide. (story)

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Cecilia Cheung and singer Gillian Chung to make comeback

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 31, 2008

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung and singer Gillian Chung are trying to make a comeback after having been involved in a sex photo scandal that rocked Hong Kong show business early this year.

Sin Chew Daily reported that advertisements featuring both of them appeared on prime time television in China recently.

Commercials and movies starring Cheung and Chung were almost completely dropped from the screen after hundreds of photos – believed to be those of Hong Kong actor Edison Chen with a string of Hong Kong starlets including Chueng, Chung and former actress Bobo Chan – were found circulating on the Internet.

According to certain websites, some people supported Cheung and Chung returning to show business as the incident had happened a long time ago. (story)

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Valentane Huang gets around

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 30, 2008

‘That’s just five in a year – about one every two months – not too much,’ she added.

It is all part of growing up, she said. There is gossip. But she pays no attention, she said.

At first glance, hers seems the typical story of a spoiled little rich girl who played a bit too hard.

Valentane, or Val as she prefers to be called, said she works as a logistics manager in her father’s company. And she wasn’t hiding her wealth.

She looked immaculately groomed. A Yves St Laurent chain dangled from her Samsung handphone. Her car key unlocked a black Mercedes S300, which was her ride on Wednesday, when she met The New Paper on Sunday. (story)

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Singapore women too picky?

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 30, 2008

Twice, doctors told him he may not live for long – once when he was a child, and then again two years ago.

But private equity investor Alvin Lim, 43, great-grandson of Singapore pioneer Lim Nee Soon, has not only survived, he has now got married.

His bride is a Vietnamese less than half his age, whom he met through a matchmaking agency.

Mr Lim did not succumb to either the blood disorder he has or an infection he got from a hospital.

On 12 Jul, he exchanged vows with Miss Mary Nguyen, 20, in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. A wedding dinner was held for 88 guests at the Ritz Carlton Millenia the following day.

Mr Lim’s great-grandfather was a founder of one of the banks that later merged to form OCBC. He also dabbled in rubber and pineapple planting, was one of the founders of The Chinese High School and was a philanthropist. His statue now stands in Yishun Town Park. (story)

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