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MDA encouraging game development with $50,000

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 23, 2008

Game developers dreaming of creating the next Halo or Grand Theft Auto game can now turn to a more generous government grant to get them off the ground.

They can now get up to $50,000 each to get their games marketed to big publishers and sold to gamers worldwide.

This is part of the Invigorate scheme that the Media Development Authority (MDA) runs yearly to identify and help promising local developers.

This year, it will fund up to 10 developers which can come up with games that are ‘cross-platform’. In other words, these games can be played on the PC, game console and mobile phone. (story)


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Ida Nerina speaks out on so-called sex video

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 7, 2008

Is it her? I don’t know about you but she’s not what she used to be. All I know is there is one ugly chick having sex, not even worth clicking on. I don’t care if it’s a star or not. I don’t want to see uglies bumping uglies. I wanna see hotties bumping hotties. I’m sure they’ve made a sex tape, I mean every celebrity probably has one. This should be a news story. It’s just for shock value. And I’m not shocked, I’m grossed out.

“It may look like us but it is definitely not us.That is what Ida Nerina and Fauzi Nawawi say.

The duo – both married to others – are reported to be the ‘stars’ of a sex video making the rounds on the Internet.

But in an e-mail response to The New Paper, the Malaysian actress, who is in her 40s, said: ‘I am NOT the girl in the distasteful video in question.

The 10-minute clip shows a couple having sex in a room.” (story)

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Korean virtual star JoA, creepy?

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 29, 2008

She is hailed as the first ‘cyber actress’ in Korea, complete with simulated good looks and a faux biodata.

But JoA’s first attempt at dancing has been gunned down by netizens who slammed her animated moves as ‘creepy’ and ‘disgusting’.

Created by two CGI companies in Korea, she exists only in cyberspace, reported My Daily.

Her photos and profile – born in 1986, 1.69m tall – were first released to the media last November, spawning much discussion online.

Her so-called managers announced plans to launch an official fan club and a series of products starring JoA, such as online games and mini-dramas.

If successful, JoA could be as famous as Japanese manga character Sailor Moon, or the virtual actress Simone in the Al Pacino movie named after her. (link)

JoA Tell Me dance video

Yes, creepy. It’s the lack of facial expressions and hands and fingers do not bend. You have to admit though the motion is fluid. Not bad for a first attempt, but stick to stills until the you get the realistic body motions down.

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Maggie Q linked to Edison Chen sex scandal

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 15, 2008

Wow! More and more dirt keeps coming out. I guess HK’s little hollywood isn’t so clean after all. Way too much is being made of this, I mean, come on! They are people too! They have sex and make home sex videos too, just like you and me. I think the we’ve just thrown them up on a pedestal because they are movie stars and we secretly enjoy tearing them down to our level. Kinda sad really, not them, us.

Edison Chen Maggie Q sex video

Excellent source for more information for your perverted minds Hollywood Grind

“Yet more female celebrities have been sucked into the scandal with some of the latest pictures released. Here’s one of the very exotic looking Maggie Q (李美琪). Apparently though, this was just a promotional picture for Edison Chen’s clothing line and may have nothing to do with his sexcapades. Really, there’s nothing too scandalous about the pic anyway. Nevertheless, a sex tape involving Edison Chen and Maggie Q is said to be circulating in Hong Kong

A series of pictures containing a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) in lingerie is also making the rounds. However, internet sleuths have worked out that this is not Jolin Tsai but one of her wannabes. She also does not have a tattoo on her left arm like Jolin does” (link)

Feb 10 .zip file 

Edison quits
Singapore stars dragged into Edison Chen sex scandal blamed …
Triads offering reward …

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Indonesian maid caught abusing baby on video

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 5, 2008

I hope the baby grows up healthy. You can’t be too careful when you hire others to look after your kids. This makes me sick. The maid should be made to suffer exactly how she made the baby suffer.

“An Indonesian maid has been arrested by Singapore police for abusing her employers’ two-month old baby boy at their home, after a video recording showing her hitting and kicking the infant was posted by the parents on YouTube. The maid, who is in her mid 20s, has been released on bail, after questioning by the police. But investigations are still ongoing.

The baby’s parents were shocked when they saw recorded images of the maid abusing the baby, which were captured by a closed circuit TV they had installed recently.” (story) Youtube video

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