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Rules for breaking

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 21, 2009

It’s not hard to believe someone decided to do it. One of the things that allow Singaporeans to enjoy their country are the rules and regulations. Yes, they are strict and there are a lot of them but they serve a necessary service to ensure Singapore stays great. However rules are made to be broken.

The latest rule for MRT trains aims to curb trash and messes on public transit. However one lady got caught treating herself to a sweet and was promptly fined $30. Approximately 500 enforcement officers patrol commuter trains so rule breakers will be caught. Keep the trains clean and the floors unsticky.

This next story is hard to believe. In such a highly populated area, how could these 2 have sex in a public park? The pictures are circulating on the Internet and I’m sure someone knows who they are. Again going back to the whole “rules” thing, the more you have, the more likely people will be willing to break them. It’s a rush to do something “bad” or against the rules. Taboo almost. I hope the risque act was worth it.


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