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Taxi surcharges giving driver’s bad name

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 19, 2007

While travelling from Yio Chu Kang to Tanjong Pagar, a passenger in a taxi chalked up $6 in various surcharges. When asked to pay for these ‘add-ons’, the expatriate man refused and stormed out of the taxi despite taxi driver Foo Say Hock’s explanations.

‘I followed him inside the office building, found the receptionist and asked her to explain it to him. In the end he paid,’ said the 60-year-old taxi driver who has been driving for eight years.

‘We explain most of the time or we hand them the receipt to clear up doubt. But a simple model might be better for both sides.’

Several taxi drivers The Straits Times spoke to said that the series of surcharges added on to fares can sometimes get them in scraps with their passengers.

Even with taxi drivers claiming they are honest and that these are legitimate charges, passengers still believe they are being taken for a ride. (link)


3 Responses to “Taxi surcharges giving driver’s bad name”

  1. Roxy said

    i really thought that the taxi driver was stupid becacsue it is only 6 bucks. What have the drivers of singpore become?


  2. Roxy said

    you know…. the guy who stormed out stormed out for a reason. The STUPID surcharge was 6 bucks!


  3. Elle said

    I agree with that girl Roxy. You know, she’s RIGHT!

    love, ❤
    Elle Belly

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