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Police search for 2 suspects in shopping complex attack

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 26, 2008

The police are searching for two men who sprayed a male Chinese victim with an unknown substance at the Golden Landmark Shopping Complex at around 4 pm yesterday.

One man is described as wearing a white cap with a dark top and jeans, and has a scar on his right cheek. The other is plump with tattoos on both hands. He was wearing a light-coloured, short-sleeved top with dark pants.

“The male Chinese victim was sprayed with an unknown substance by two unknown persons who subsequently fled the scene,” a police spokesman said.

He was spotted near the entrance outside the building, groggy and behaving aggressively. He was foaming at his mouth with saliva and mucus was dripping from his nose onto his T-shirt.

The victim was sent to Singapore General Hospital, where he received outpatient treatment. (link)


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Teenager slashed by hoodlums

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 20, 2008

A 19 year old youth was left with a deep gash on his left forearm after a gang of young boys set upon him with choppers and parangs last Saturday night.

He is currently recuperating in Changi General Hospital (CGH).

The victim who only wanted to be known as Bob said he and two friends, also 19, were walking back from a friend’s house at Block 263 in Tampines Street 21 at about 11.45pm when they passed a group of about seven to nine other boys.

The group then followed Bob and his friends for the next two to three minutes. (story)

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Cabby saves life, receives award

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 23, 2007

When Comfort cabby Michael Loo, 58, picked up a woman in January who wanted to get to Marymount Convent, he assumed she was going to fetch her daughter from school. But his passenger was actually rushing to the aid of her father, a school bus driver, who had run into breathing difficulties while in the school grounds.

When Mr Loo saw him, he recognised the signs right away: the old man was in danger of having a stroke.

The cabby, who has a basic certificate in first aid, did not head off in search of his next fare. He advised her against waiting for an ambulance to arrive because it would take too long, and then insisted on driving them to the hospital instead.

The extra ride, he said, was free, but she paid him $100 as a token of her appreciation.


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