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Headlines Apr.29, 2010

Posted by jtsmyth8 on April 30, 2010

Sammi and Andy still hooking up? Yes, yes, they broke up years ago but they are still good friends. Very good friends in fact. Late night phone call, dinner, getting a hotel room, bang bang boom, and there you have a booty call. I’m still a fan of Andy Hui, keeping on tapping that.

Bitch, you better have my money! Ever borrow money from a loan shark? Hopefully not from this guy. Miss a payment? Discover a burning banner outside your home. Miss another payment, suddenly YOU are on fire. Oops, thankfully the cops picked him up before I had to pay. Thanks guys!

US ambassador backtracks after statements. After making comments in hindsight David Adelman attempted to explain his remarks. How about you stick with your messed up country rather than giving advice to others that you know nothing about. Singapore doesn’t need your help.


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US security measures prevent some from travelling

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 28, 2007

United States-bound travellers recently had their holiday plans disrupted when they were told at Changi Airport that they either had to get a new passport or a visa to enter the country. The Straits Times understands that in the last few weeks, an average of at least one traveller a day has been turned away by check-in staff because of passport problems.

Under US immigration laws, Singapore passport holders do not need a visa if their passports fall in one of three categories:

Passports issued, renewed or extended on or after Oct 26, 2006 must be biometric – containing a computer chip embedded with the passport holder’s thumbprint and unique facial features. (story)

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Singapore markets closed 1.3% lower

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 16, 2007

Singapore share prices closed 1.3 percent lower Tuesday on renewed concerns over US credit markets, dealers said.

They said record-high oil prices also aggravated investor nervousness.

The Straits Times Index (STI) fell 51.30 points to 3,810.72. It had earlier fallen below the key 3,800 points level before it recovered.

Volume was 3.35 billion shares worth S$3.37 billion (US$2.31 billion). Losers beat gainers 722 to 216, with 715 stocks unchanged.

US stocks declined overnight after the announcement of what was seen as a rescue package for financial institutions affected by the meltdown in the US sub-prime credit market.

Citigroup, JP Morgan and Bank of America announced the creation of a fund to help revive the asset-backed commercial paper market.

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