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Free 3G iPhone … upon signing 2 yr contract

Posted by jtsmyth8 on August 20, 2008

Yes, it’s here but do you know why you are buying it? Is it because you believe the hype? Is it because you are an Apple fan? Is it because you actually need a new phone? If you do get this phone make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. As well be prepared to pay the monthly charges, surfing, downloading, and of course talking will ad up the charges.

“The Apple 3G iPhone, which goes on sale this Friday, is free for those who are willing to commit to a two-year, $205 monthly SingTel subscription plan.

SingTel customers on an existing contract will also be able to get the iPhone, by signing up for a new 24-month contract that will run concurrently with their existing contract term.

Those on SingTel’s $192.60 per month iThree Plus plan will also be able to get the iPhone for free.” (story)


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Bilingual free daily gets thumbs up

Posted by jtsmyth8 on January 8, 2008

Singapore’s first bilingual freesheet – my paper – debuted yesterday, giving readers news in both English and Chinese, but which are distinct and not mere translations.

Some 300,000 copies were given out at MRT stations, office buildings, coffee franchises islandwide and delivered to homes as well.

By 9.30am, 280,000 copies of the compact, full-colour newspaper had been distributed.

Another 20,000 copies targeted the lunch crowd from noon to 2pm. (story)

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Chinese paper to go bilingual

Posted by jtsmyth8 on December 5, 2007

The Chinese free newspaper my paper will become a bilingual daily from next month and with a ground-breaking ingredient. Bilingual papers usually have stories that have been translated from sister publications, but the new my paper will have two distinct teams of journalists, one filing in English, the other Chinese.

The expanded paper will present ‘a new package never seen before, offering the best of both worlds for Singaporeans’, said Dr Tony Tan, chairman of publisher Singapore Press Holdings on Wednesday.

Readers can expect a ‘uniquely blended’ newspaper produced by experienced English and Chinese journalists chasing exclusives while covering the news ‘from a fresh perspective’.

The revamped tabloid paper will have an editorial staff of 50 producing its 48 pages – double its current 24 – and will hit the streets from Monday to Friday. (story)

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