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Scandal causes sharp drop in Ren Ci donations

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 18, 2008

Donations to Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre have plunged.

It collected just $1.1 million in the last seven months, down from the $9.3 million that came in over the same period last year.

The beating to the Buddhist medical charity’s coffers comes from the cancellation of its televised charity show, which used to bring in $6 to $7 million; it has also lost its Institute of Public Character (IPC) status, which let it grant tax exemptions to donors.

Its fund-raising activities skidded to a halt last November, when the Health Ministry ordered a probe into its books and suspended its IPC status.

On Tuesday, its former chief executive officer Ming Yi was charged with forgery, helping to falsify its accounts and defrauding the charity to the tune of about $300,000. (story)


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Spammers targetting disaster fund raising

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 23, 2008

Spammers are taking advantage of current world problems to try to exploit computer users, said Symantec Corp, an Internet security solutions vendor.

It said donation scams via e-mail are on the rise and are being tied to recent natural disasters, such as the China earthquake and Myanmar cyclone, and the increasing petrol price hikes.

One earthquake donation scam requested donations for the China victims, where the scammer used a legitimate website and inserted a fraudulent page under the root domain.

When the user clicked on the URL in the spam e-mail message, he was directed to the fraudulent site and asked to make a donation, Symantec said in a press release.

“Spammers are aiming to capitalise on the harsh economic situation and prey on those in our society facing financial pressures,” said C.M. Woon, general manager for Malaysia at Symantec. (story)

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New guidelines for charities

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 26, 2007

Ignorance of best practices can no longer be an excuse for charities that do not keep their house in order. A comprehensive set of guidelines on how these custodians of public donations should run themselves was released yesterday.

They range from how charities should manage programs and raise funds to who should sit on their boards.

The code of governance for charities and Institutions of Public Character (IPC) was drafted and finalised by the Charity Council after extensive public feedback.

It marks the first time that guidelines have been spelt out for all registered charities in Singapore, which are grouped according to the arts and heritage, community, education, health, religion, sports, social service and youth. (story)

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