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Fann Wong and Christopher Lee to get married … sometime

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 25, 2008

Fann Wong admits she has been ‘lazy’ in planning her marriage next year to her long-time boyfriend, actor Christopher Lee.

But their wedding planner – hairstylist pal David Gan – couldn’t wait and kept bugging them to draw up their guest list, so that he could start looking at venues for their big day.

On Monday evening, the celebrity couple got down to work.

The 37-year-old actress told The New Paper that they started with colleagues, then went on to friends and family.

But they got tired of trying to decide whom to invite and gave up after jotting down three pages of names.

She said: ‘We looked at each other and it was like, ‘Since they went to Bhutan, let’s go to the Himalayas.’ (story)


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Fight: David Gan vs. Addy Lee

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 21, 2008

Renowned celebrity hair stylist David Gan recently reacted to a local entertainment magazine regarding the constant comparison between him and fellow hair stylist Addy Lee.

David Gan responded with an analogy : Addy Lee is Newton Foodcourt’s chicken rice – with a plate worth three dollars, whereas he is Mandarin Hotel’s chicken rice – with a plate worth more than 10 dollars.

“We don’t know each other. He styles the masses, whereas I’m servicing a more exclusive market. He’s co-operating with other celebrities to launch a new hair salon, I rely on my own capital.

“Why is a plate of chicken rice at Newton selling for three dollars, whereas at Mandarin Hotel it’s selling at 10 dollars? Both of us are of different qualifications and positions; there’s nothing to compare about,” says David Gan.

Going by this statement, most people would understand that David believes he services a more upscale market, compared to Addy. (story)

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David Rasif’s legal troubles piling up

Posted by jtsmyth8 on January 28, 2008

The high Court on Monday issued a warrant of arrest against a friend of David Rasif who had helped the fugitive lawyer move $985,000 to Vietnam.The development came at the end of a hearing into a multi-million dollar civil suit brought by an American couple to recover some of the $10.7 million they had entrusted to Rasif’s firm to buy a house.

Rasif, last seen in Bangkok in June 2006, is a wanted man after absconding with $12 million in clients’ funds.

The defendants include a high-end jewellery store where Rasif went on a $2 million shopping spree as well as pub owner Freddy Lim Soon Kiang, his long-time friend. When the trial began in June last year, the court heard that Mr Lim had opened a bank account in Ho Chi Minh City.

He helped Rasif move US$620,000 – the equivalent of S$985,180 at the time – from the clients’ account of his law firm to the Vietnam account. (story)

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Singaporeans come to Malaysian worker’s aid

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 16, 2007

Another example of Singaporean charity. We are good people and we help when we can. Just don’t take advantage of our good intentions.

“Mountain climber David Lim is among several people moved by the plight of Malaysian worker Abu Bakar Evos, who lost his legs in a horrific workplace accident this week. These people who called or e-mailed The Straits Times on reading about the 25-year-old odd-jobber’s plight said they wanted to help him rebuild his life after he recovers from his injuries.

Mr Abu’s left leg below his knee and his right foot were severed in a paper compactor at waste-paper recycling firm Likok in Defu Lane 4 on Tuesday. He had climbed into the compactor to clean it when the accident happened.” (story)

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