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Japan experiencing daily knife attacks

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 31, 2008

A man was stabbed and seriously injured at a suburban office north of Tokyo on Wednesday, police said, in the latest in an almost daily series of such attacks that have unnerved the relatively crime-free country.

A 51-year-old unemployed man was arrested on the spot in Niiza, about 30 km north of Tokyo, a police spokesman said.

On Monday, a woman stabbed and hurt six people at a station in Hiratsuka, south-west of Tokyo, in what domestic media said was a random attack carried out out in rage after a failed suicide. (story)


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China launching cyber attacks against India

Posted by jtsmyth8 on May 5, 2008

China’s cyber warfare army is marching on, and India is suffering silently. Over the past one and a half years, officials said, China has mounted almost daily attacks on Indian computer networks, both government and private, showing its intent and capability.

The sustained assault almost coincides with the history of the present political disquiet between the two countries.

According to senior government officials, these attacks are not isolated incidents of something so generic or basic as “hacking” — they are far more sophisticated and complete — and there is a method behind the madness.

Publicly, senior government officials, when questioned, take refuge under the argument that “hacking” is a routine activity and happens from many areas around the world. But privately, they acknowledge that the cyber warfare threat from China is more real than from other countries. (story)

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Security tightened for ASEAN Summit

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 15, 2007

With just a couple of days to go to the high-profile 13th Asean Summit and its related meetings, stringent measures in security and traffic management by the police, in concert with the Singapore Armed Forces and the Singapore Civil Defence Force, are being put in place.

For example, the directive has gone out that none of the 120 new 5- and 7-series BMWs ferrying the heads of state and other VIPs around will fly the small flags indicating the delegates’ countries.

This is to prevent certain delegates from being recognized and falling target to attacks.

The average man in the street might come up against delays on the daily commute for motorists and pedestrians alike, especially around the Shangri-la Hotel, the meeting venue.

Some roads will be cordoned off for a part of or the whole day, and random vehicles or members of the public around the event areas may be pulled over for checks.


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