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Edison Chen refuses to testify

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 24, 2009

This is still dragging on? Ho Chun Sze (China) was charged once the scandal broke for illegally accessing Chen’s computer with the intent to distribute. Edison Chen is refusing to testify to protect the women already affected by the scandal. The judge in British Columbia, Canada raised the issue and pressed Chen for his reasoning. No legal threats or punishments were used to coerce Chen into testifying however its still within the judge’s power to charge Chen with contempt.

“Police say the images were illegally copied from the 28-year-old star’s computer.

Chen testified that after he saw the pictures circulating on the Internet with file names that matched those on his computer, he concluded the pictures were stolen. He originally thought the photos were taken from a stolen computer but then came to believe they were illegally downloaded while his computers were being serviced at a Hong Kong computer store.” (link)


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Anime lawsuit lands in court

Posted by jtsmyth8 on December 9, 2008

A popular Internet hobby has landed some users in court. 2 men are accused of illegally downloading thousands of Japanese anime cartoons. A fundraising effort has started to help pay for their legal costs. This is the first case of it’s kind here in Singapore. Music and software lawsuits have made headlines before but this would be the first conviction for digital photographs, considered to be intellectual property.

“The lawsuit could set several precedents, from the burden of proof necessary to establish that illegal downloads have occurred, to the possible defences for online piracy, and even the penalties offenders can expect if they are convicted.” AsiaOne

The Internet group is called “XenoDefense”. So far they have raised a few thousand dollars. The accused: Mr Felix Lukman and Mr Koh Lian Boon. This could have major problems for the Singapore online community who obviously are heavily into anime, manga, cartoon art (especially those involving tentacles and girls in school uniforms). If you’re into this kind of stuff you might want to keep those pictures stored on some DVDs off your computer. Who knows what might happen going forward. You just don’t want to find yourself in court over some pictures.

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Exorcism priest gets attacked

Posted by jtsmyth8 on August 25, 2008

1 of the two Catholic priests embroiled in a lawsuit concerning an ‘exorcism’ on a woman was attacked by a woman during a service at the Novena Church on Saturday.

In front of a packed congregation, the woman ran up the aisle to the altar where Father Simon Tan, 45, was standing and used her black handbag to hit the priest’s arms and shoulders.

The attack lasted just a few seconds. The woman managed to get a few swings at Father Simon before a younger woman ran up to pull her aside, with the help of several churchgoers.

Witnesses described the attacker as tanned, slim and wearing jeans and a turquoise polo T-shirt. (story)

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Dog owner fined $3,000

Posted by jtsmyth8 on August 8, 2008

Let this be a lesson to all dog owners. Be in control of your dog at all times or you too could face legal consequences. That’s one big dog. He could have at least created more space between himself and the other pedestrians. I don’t care if your dog is being friendly, I don’t want your yucky dog climbing all over me, let alone knocking me down. Once? ok. Twice? is too many.

“For failing to curb his irrepressible golden retriever on a morning in May last year, Mr Tan Woo Khiang became more than $3,000 poorer yesterday.

A district court heard that his 21/2-year-old dog named Truffle pounced – twice – on Madam Ko Ah Huey, 64, who broke her wrist when she fell over. An adult golden retriever weighs about 30kg.” (story)

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Golfer and Mercedes settle

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 25, 2008

An amateur golfer who took the distributor of Mercedes-Benz cars to court over his expulsion from a tournament has been let back in, The Straits Times understands.

Mr Lionel Lim and auto giant Daimler South East Asia on Friday reached an out-of-court settlement on the dispute through their lawyers.

Both sides were tight-lipped after leaving Justice Andrew Ang’s chambers.

They would only say the matter had been resolved amicably and that the terms were confidential.

Mr Lim, who was waiting for his lawyer outside, also declined to reveal the outcome.

But sources told The Straits Times that he has been allowed to take part in the competition for the Mercedes Trophy. (story)

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