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Something Good out of Japan

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 8, 2009

Finally something good out of Japan, -er, that isn’t robot related. Lawmakers have come to their senses and have decided to ban rape games. Hooray! Personally I’m quite disgusted by this whole genre. I have no idea how this entire segment has existed for a few decades. It really is quite a sick fetish even by the most depraved standards. Anime is fine and all but some have just taken it too far. It’s all a result of a protest to a certain game by a women’s rights group brought attention to it.

“The adult software games industry had sales of 34.1 billion yen ($353 million) in 2007, according to Yano Research Institute’s Otaku Market report. Japan’s PC software sales were 80 billion yen in 2007.”


2 Responses to “Something Good out of Japan”

  1. David said

    Yes. & hopefully all those other sick games where people get shot, blown up & murdered will be banned next. Also they should ban games where you can go over the speed limit in a car. I mean, people like you & I can play them without ever feeling the desire to actually commit the acts depicted in them, but the rest of the world isn’t as mind strong as us.

  2. Zayyachka said

    Захватывающе. Зачет! и ниипет!

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