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Why go out for noodles when you have a banquet at home?

Posted by jtsmyth8 on December 10, 2008

*tsk tsk. Looks like Joe Ni is in hot water. Let see: cheat on your hot girlfriend, Vivian Chow. Then publicly admit it causing even more shame. Wow, he sounds like a real class act. How long they been going out? (20 years!) Joe got caught smooching a 23 year old hottie at some night club in Hong Kong. Well ok so it was 3 ladies that night but hey! Joe’s a ‘playa’! One of the ladies is suspected of being Leon Lai’s ex, model Gaile Lai. Hmm, let me refer to this quote from NHL hockey player.

So he was a little drunk and probably a little excited can you blame him? How many of you could resist 3 women? Especially after you’ve had a few drinks and they suddenly become hotties? At least he didn’t get caught taking one of them home with him. “Hey Viv, you up for a little girl on girl action?”


One Response to “Why go out for noodles when you have a banquet at home?”

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