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Annie Shizuka Inoh must be one piece of hot ass

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 19, 2008


Imagine this: you catch your wife cheating on you. Hold on, it gets worse. You find out after seeing photos of her with another guy in the newspaper. After being thoroughly embarrassed publicly she then comes out and talk even more shit about you. Despite all of this you’re willing to take her back and talk things over the new year. Wait – what, what?

This is what’s happening with Harlem Yu and Annie Shizuka Inoh and Huang Wei De (the guy banging Annie). It’s a love triangle gone wrong. Yu and Inoh have a son together. While Annie continues to talk smack, Harlem is asking her to “shut the fuck up” and stop embarrassing our family. Then come back to Taiwan and talk things over. He also said that they are neither divorced or separated. Sounds like Harlem is still holding a tiny flame for Annie.

Only one thing could be the reason for such devotion … sex. Annie must be one hot piece of ass in bed. So much so that Harlem is not willing to give it up. I’m a little shocked that Annie is so ready to walk away from their son and take the “home wrecker” role. That’s usually reserved for the guy who can’t keep his dick in his pants. Looks like Annie is the one who can’t keep her panties on.


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