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Dog owner fined $3,000

Posted by jtsmyth8 on August 8, 2008

Let this be a lesson to all dog owners. Be in control of your dog at all times or you too could face legal consequences. That’s one big dog. He could have at least created more space between himself and the other pedestrians. I don’t care if your dog is being friendly, I don’t want your yucky dog climbing all over me, let alone knocking me down. Once? ok. Twice? is too many.

“For failing to curb his irrepressible golden retriever on a morning in May last year, Mr Tan Woo Khiang became more than $3,000 poorer yesterday.

A district court heard that his 21/2-year-old dog named Truffle pounced – twice – on Madam Ko Ah Huey, 64, who broke her wrist when she fell over. An adult golden retriever weighs about 30kg.” (story)


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