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Online prostituting out of control?

Posted by jtsmyth8 on August 1, 2008

A concerned reader wrote to the citizen journalism website STOMP yesterday in response to an earlier post about a girl prostituting herself online in order to support her family. The STOMPer said that online soliciting is increasingly common in Singapore, and that this is a disgrace to society.

There have been several notable incidents regarding Singaporean women ‘advertising’ their services on various online avenues in the recent years. Singaporean websites with sexually explicit content were also brought into the media spotlight in recent months. Cases include explicit posts on an air stewardess’ blog to a political party’s online forum being spammed with porn links.

Earlier this year, a young woman who claimed to be a schoolgirl promised to fulfil fetishes by posing in her panties and selling the photos as well as the used panties. She also posted a list of other services she offers on her blog, including a sex hotline, cyber sex services and sexual videos of her wearing costumes that buyers decide.

Another teenage girl offered sexual services on her blog, stating that she charges “$200/1 shot/45 minutes” in order to earn money to help her family out with their problems. Several racy photos, presumably to entice potential ‘customers’ were also posted on the site. (story)


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