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Careful next time you honk your horn at that cabby

Posted by jtsmyth8 on July 16, 2008

The explosion of violence from the cabby came suddenly.

And when it was over, rojak seller Choo Zin Chye, 49, was left bleeding with a broken cheekbone.

The incident occurred at about 9.30am on 9 Jul, along Woodlands Street 31.

Mr Choo had been at Woodlands buying ingredients for his rojak stall in Geylang.

He was driving along a two-way road, with cars parked along both sides.

This made it difficult for more than one vehicle to pass through from either direction.

Mr Choo had been waiting in line behind a taxi, trying to exit from the road. Both their vehicles were straddling the centre white line.

It was then that a delivery truck turned into the road, coming face to face with the taxi.

Mr Choo claimed that there was sufficient space on the left for the taxi driver to move.

The truck driver stopped his vehicle and waited.

However, the taxi driver, described as a bald man in his 30s, persisted in moving forwards – as if trying to force the truck to reverse. (story)


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