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Ok for women to look sexy at the office, just not too sexy

Posted by jtsmyth8 on June 12, 2008

It’s true. When I see a girl in the office dressing slutty I instantly think she’s easy and dumb. 2 things which won’t get you far in any company. Dress smart, not sexy. Dress trendy but not slutty. Watch how much leg you show. Sure, it’s eye candy for the men but they won’t respect you in the boardroom or the bed room either. If all else fails come over to my place strip down and let me decide what you should wear (only hotties please).

“Women, take heed – experts say you shouldn’t look too sexy in the office. A 2007 survey reported in Allure magazine showed that when men and women saw videotapes of the same women dressed provocatively business suit, they assumed she was a competent receptionist but not a competent manager.

Sexual stereotypes based on clothing still exist, so pick pieces that skim the body but don’t hug the curves too much.” (story)


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