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Japanese male hosts not such a glamorous life

Posted by jtsmyth8 on April 16, 2008

At first it sounds glamorous to be a male gigolo but then when you hear the stories, it’s not great. It not about just having sex. You have to cater to the woman’s needs, which is often intellectual, listening to her talk and talk and talk. Only the really old and ugly women want to just have sex. Is there a market for rich attractive women who want to have sex with regular guys and pay them money? Cuddling is extra, and so is small talk.

“According to a CNN report last week, a growing number of professional women in Japan are splashing out US$1,000 ($1,360) to US$50,000 a night for the companionship of these male equivalents of the geisha.

The money buys them the undivided attention of their male hosts, who shower them with compliments, pour them ridiculously overpriced drinks, and engage them in mindless chit chat to help them forget the stresses of their regular lives.” (story)


One Response to “Japanese male hosts not such a glamorous life”

  1. I’m happily coming from south-western Germany, while my parents – esp. my grandfather – have american ancestry. So I believe to be western European with a little bit Anglo-American impact. Your interesting words about the German people seem to be extremely pessimistic for my ears; I’d strongly believe, American people could learn a lot from how german politics is handling its problems until now.

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