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Sufiah Yusof has been soliciting clients online for months

Posted by jtsmyth8 on April 4, 2008

Sufiah Yusof, the child Maths genius who was found working as a hooker had been using the Internet to solicit for clients since December.

She also used a UK-based Internet sex forum and her own website “Exotic Manchester Asian escort” to promote her services.

However, the site, which she had registered and maintained herself, has been removed after News of the World broke the news of her working as a hooker.

Checks with the Internet registrar on domains revealed that Sufiah started the website on Dec 3 last year.

She bought the domain name for her webpage for two years.

Sufiah, 23, called herself Sufiah Marshall, borrowing the family name of her former husband, Jonathan Marshall, to register the website via a German domain handler.

The checks also revealed she had used a German server to host her website pages but with a United Kingdom domain name. (story)


One Response to “Sufiah Yusof has been soliciting clients online for months”

  1. curryegg said

    Her story will never end I guess. wish her all the best..

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