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Man sentenced to 6 months for mahjong attack

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 27, 2008

The four friends had played mahjong every week for more than seven years. On Nov 22 last year, the game took a violent turn when 40-year-old Chua Kim Poo was accused of cheating and beaten up.

Tan Leng Yuan, 43, was jailed for six months on Thursday for punching and kicking Mr Chua and stealing $216 from him.

His accomplices, Goh Fui Foo, 40, and Lek Swee Heng, 48, have yet to be dealt with.

A district court heard the four mahjong kakis or partners were playing at a flat in Block 9 Teck Whye Lane at 8.30pm.

When the game ended an hour later, Mr Chua won a total of $60 from the rest.

Lek accused Mr Chua of cheating and they started arguing on the 9th floor staircase landing.

Tan then joined in and punched and kicked Mr Chua. He then took $216 from Mr Chua and handed the money to Lek. (story)


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