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Singapore supports China during Tibet unrest

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 26, 2008

No surprise here. Singapore has much to lose if they upset one of their biggest trading partners. The economic impact would be devastating if China took action. Thus Singapore has no choice but to support China on this topic.

“Singapore on Tuesday voiced support for China’s handling of unrest in Tibet and said there should be no ‘politicisation’ of the Olympic Games hosted by Beijing in August. ‘Singapore supports the declared policy of the Chinese government to protect the lives and property of its citizens from violent demonstrators with minimum use of force,’ a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.” (story)


2 Responses to “Singapore supports China during Tibet unrest”

  1. Mark Hertel said

    Singapore has also been known to cane people for vandalism, so it’s sad but not surprising that the morally bankrupt Southeast Asian city-state’s government would take the side of mighty China on this question.

  2. Gabriel said

    Singapore’s economy is highly dependant on China’s Market for one. Two, Singapore although a self proclaim democratic Country, has been governed in a highly autocratic government, which is the People Action Party (PAP). Thus it is of no surprise that Singapore would support such actions.

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