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Victims testify at Wong Heng Chiang car crash trial

Posted by jtsmyth8 on March 17, 2008

6 victims of an out-of-control car which crashed into a bus stop along Penang Road recounted the trauma of being hit by the charging car while waiting for their buses one evening.

One of them, Madam Tan Hong Eng, 67, was so badly affected by the May 1 accident last year that she is unable to sleep and has developed psychiatric problems.

‘I am still in pain from my injuries. I still feel upset and depressed about the accident and I am unable to sleep properly at night.’

‘I find it difficult to walk or to sit for long without pain,’ she said in her conditioned statement tendered in court on Monday.

She and another witness, Madam Leng Lay Ling, 57, gave conditioned statements as their attendance was not required because they both have difficulty walking. The other four victims testified in court on Monday on Day One of Wong Heng Chiang’s trial. (story)


One Response to “Victims testify at Wong Heng Chiang car crash trial”

  1. Martyn said

    I was a victim of this crash. As a British visiting victim that suffered injuries at the scene of the CRIME of “Driving while under the influence of alcohol” I am shocked to be “seemingly” exclusion from the hearings. On the night of the accident my wife and I were walking towards the bus stop. The car careered towards us. I pushed my wife out of the path of the spinning car and was struck by a fitting off the car that ended up being stopped by the bush just to my left side. My injuries sent me to hospital. My injuries were documented. I reported the involvement at the local Police station the next morning. They took a statement but said that the traffic police would contact us. They did not come to us at the Hotel. We left Singapore 2 days later after our 3 day stay had started so badly. A solicitor in Singapore took up the case. I have heard NOTHING for more than 15 months. Does Singapore Justice work so slowly when there were so many people injured (7)?

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