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Life expectancy increases for Singaporeans

Posted by jtsmyth8 on February 12, 2008

A boy born in 2006 can expect to live an average of 78 years, compared to 76.6 years for a boy born in 2003.

A girl born that year can expect to live an average of 82.8 years, up from 81.6 years for one born in 2003.

The longer life expectancies are borne out in the latest figures released on Tuesday by the Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS).

Lifespans for older people have also gone up.

In 2006, Singapore men aged 65 could expect to live another 17 years on average, compared to 16 more years in 2003, while Singapore women in the same age group in 2006 could live 21 years more, against 20 years in 2003.

DOS said Singapore’s life expectancy compares well with selected developed countries.

It is lower than in Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan but higher than South Korea’s and United Kingdom’s. (story)


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