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Na Hoon-a drops trou to prove he’s still got “it”

Posted by jtsmyth8 on January 25, 2008

SHOW ME THE MONEY … shot. Haha! Do Korean scandals alway get settled by someone show up naked on live tv or is that just this one time? I gotta start paying more attention to those Koreans. YOU DONT BELIEF ME? AH? I STILL GOT MY BIG WEINER! LEMME SHOW YOU! Must not have been a pretty sight. The guy is old. Trust me nobody wanna see your wrinkly old pee pee. OK I believe you, no chop chop. It’s still there. fine pull your pants back up.

“South Korean crooner stunned a live, national TV audience on Friday by dropping his trousers and saying he was ready to prove he had not been castrated or dismembered in a love quarrel.Na Hoon-a, who can still fill concert halls with legions of his middle-aged fans, spoke at a packed news conference to deny rumours he had been castrated or had his penis cut off by a Japanese ‘yakuza’ gangster.

Media reports have said the gangster was angry the 60-year-old singer had a fling with one of his favourite South Korean actresses.” (story)


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