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Man meets girl, films oral sex, fined $1000

Posted by jtsmyth8 on January 25, 2008

How dumb is this girl? Anytime a guy wants to film is so he can show it off to his friends or upload it to the Internet. NO he does not really love you and NO it doesn’t mean that you really love him if you let him film you naked. Wow, are women really this dumb? My question is: did she spit or swallow?

“He brought the woman, a student, up to the 11th floor where she performed oral sex on him while he filmed the entire act on his digital camera.

The clip was downloaded onto his computer but it was later circulated on the Internet before the girl found out about it and reported it to the police.” (story)


2 Responses to “Man meets girl, films oral sex, fined $1000”

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  2. Peter Shecaniah Sim said

    I believe the news should give more coverage to explain how he managed to escape imprisonment, while committing molest of the milder nature would give a fine of about 5k and taking upskirt photos would give a 4 weeks jail in recent times.

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