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“Sorry for punching you, I’m an American sailor”

Posted by jtsmyth8 on December 17, 2007

The United States Navy has apologized verbally to the motorist who was punched in the face and thrown against two cars in the Orchard Road shopping belt last Friday by an American sailor. The American Embassy has also pledged that the US Navy sailor will have to face the music from his ship’s commanding officer. If he is found “guilty”, the sailor could have his pay, rank and other privileges docked.

‘Under US military law, the Commanding Officer of the ship can impose any combination of any of the following: confinement, hard labour, restriction, loss of wages, loss of rank, and discharge – punitive or administrative. The disposition depends on the investigation,” the spokesman told The Straits Times on Monday.

‘Generally, these types of incidents result in punitive action with the member’s career, liberty, and pay affected.’

Mr K.M. Ho, the motorist who was assaulted, said his lawyers are taking up his case with investigators from the US Navy’s Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

If the matter goes to court, it will be at Mr Ho’s expense and could amount to several thousand dollars. (story)


2 Responses to ““Sorry for punching you, I’m an American sailor””

  1. This is really a bad thing to see how the motorist got assaulted !

  2. igorcant said

    Not a sailor story but similar: Port o’ call in Norway back in the 90s. Americans were well liked back then…at least we were before our port o’ call.

    The country was beautiful. The people were beautiful. The beer was absolutely de-lish. Everything was perfect…except that we brought marines along with us. Not too long after liberty call, a kind gentleman barkeep, a local of course, was thrown out the window of his own bar by a feisty marine over a perceived dirty look.

    Typical response by most of the sailors and marines from the Amphibious Group was, “Hey, what do you expect from a marine?”

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