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Apple makes legal threats against iPhone selling stores

Posted by jtsmyth8 on December 6, 2007

Next Christmas for sure, but not this one – if you hanker for a ‘legit’ iPhone, and have been checking out Sim Lim Square for it. That is because Apple, the maker of the cellphone popular in the United States and Europe, will only release it in Asia next year.

According to retailers, Apple theatened in an e-mail to go after them for illegally ‘unlocking’ parallel imported iPhones. The phones are unlocked by hacking into their software so that local SIM cards can be used.

Sim Lim Square retailers and even some online local sellers have stopped selling the gadget.

A retailer in Sim Lim Square said shops there, including his, received a warning e-mail from Apple about a month ago.

It threatened legal action should they continue to sell ‘hacked’ iPhones, which could make them liable for $1,000 per iPhone sold. (story)


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