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Starworth fails to apologize for hair in bride’s soup

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 22, 2007

All I know is that I am never eating there. That’s disgusting. Someone call the health inspector and have them shut down. Maybe then they will at least learn how to treat customers and maybe even a little about hygiene. I think I would have thrown up. I bet the manager is regretting his actions. Now everyone knows. So how is business these days? Hmm?

“All she wanted was a sincere apology for a strand of hair found in a bowl of shark’s fin soup at her wedding dinner. But the matter blew up into a month-long exchange between the bride, Mrs Wendy Scully, 29, and Starworth, the company which runs events at the Chijmes Hall.

By then, it was not just the 15cm strand of hair that riled her, but Starworth general manager K.K. Ng’s suggestion that it could have come from one of her guests.

‘He told me it is common to find hair in food,’ she told The Straits Times.” (story)


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