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Email complaint leads to lawsuit

Posted by jtsmyth8 on November 1, 2007

If they had fixed the problem in the first place the email would not have been necessary. Any judge in their right mind is going to rule in her favor. This is why we pay rent. Keep the units in good working order instead filing silly lawsuits. I feel bad that she’s had to go through this silly ordeal.

“Her year-old condo unit had leaks, and when it looked like the contractor was stonewalling her in getting the problem fixed, she shot an e-mail to the condo’s developer that defamed the contracting firm. Stockbroker Goh Teng Poh, 40, is now being sued by the contractor, Hytech Builders, for damages as a result of the e-mail she sent to Ms Jenny Hong of City Developments Ltd (CDL).

The contractor, through its lawyers from Rajah & Tann, is claiming that her statement in the e-mail would tarnish its business reputation with CDL, a major real-estate development player here.

The case is expected to turn on the seriousness of the damage caused by the defamatory words.” (story)


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