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Nightclub fined in human trafficking scheme

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 31, 2007

A nightclub fed the immigration authorities the story that it had hired four Chinese nationals as stage singers.The truth was that the women weren’t even working there, and were paying the club and a middleman to pull this off.

On Wednesday, Grand Century Nite-Club was fined $12,000 for ‘sponsoring’ the women’s immigration passes.

A district court heard that the club applied for the passes for them between December 2004 and July 2005.

The women, aged between 25 and 31 and seeking extensions on their stay here, had approached the club through a middleman.

Each paid the man between $400 and $500 every time she needed to extend their stay; each also paid the club $600 each time she required it to apply for the passes on her behalf. (story)


One Response to “Nightclub fined in human trafficking scheme”

  1. Kenneth Tan said

    This article is to let people know that how investments banks are involved in ruining the culture of many countries. I waana refer to the incident on saturday 28th june 2008 when few Indian guys who work in a investment bank in Singapore passed comments, and tried to physically touch her when they were drunk,
    I dont want to mention the name of the Bank, but guys involved were Gyandeep, Mohit and few others.
    Further finding revealed that these guys are frequent visitor there and are generally involved in such activity.
    But these time they tasted their own blood when the friends of the girl got angry and gave them nice bashing .
    So, IB stop giving so much money to such people who dont know where to spend it properly. It was good attitude of the Singaporeans that the guy didnt landed up in the Jail.

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