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Madrasah to raise academic standards

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 26, 2007

Three of the six full-time madrasahs in Singapore have opted for a revamp in 2009, in a move to raise academic standards and be more efficient.

The three Islamic religious schools will focus on areas where they have an edge and not provide comprehensive education at both primary and secondary levels.

Instead, one will concentrate only on primary education while the other two will have only secondary classes.

Announcing the changes yesterday, Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim said it will result in better use of limited resources which, in turn, will benefit students.

The students will be offered more options in their secondary education as they can choose to specialise in religious studies, academic subjects, or a blend of both, said Dr Yaacob when he broke the news to about 400 people, including community leaders, attending a Hari Raya dinner at the Istana.

The three madrasahs affected are Al-Irsyad, Aljunied and Al-Arabiah. They will work with the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) to implement the changes.



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