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Police raid illegal marriage ring

Posted by jtsmyth8 on October 17, 2007

VIETNAMESE police have raided an illegal marriage brokering service where 54 young women were paraded before two South Korean men, the fourth such case in three weeks, state media said Wednesday. Police found the men and two women in a room in a Ho Chi Minh City house while 52 other women were waiting in another room, the Thanh Nien daily said.

According to the Tuoi Tre newspaper, each man had to pay the broker between three million and five million dong (S$263 to S$454) to take part, with the agency routinely charging bachelors thousands of dollars if they find a wife.

Four Vietnamese citizens involved in the service were temporarily detained, while the South Korean men had to pay fines to police, the paper said.

Communist Vietnam has become a popular destination for bachelors from South Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere searching for wives, who mostly come from poor, rural areas such as the southern Mekong delta and the northern countryside.

Every year, thousands of young Vietnamese women marry South Korean men in deals arranged on so-called ‘marriage tours’ costing 3,000-5,000 dollars, that have stirred anger in Vietnam and triggered protests from women’s groups.



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